Helsinski – Glow Sticks

Helsinski is the brainchild of accomplished Finnish musician and producer Juho Vehmanen. After critical and commercial success with multiple bands, Juho set his sights on a solo venture – and, after 18 months, Helsinski’s debut solo album ‘Glow Sticks’ is now released.

You could be forgiven for thinking Juho was designed for a career in music – his father is a professional viola player and his mother a music teacher. After picking up piano at age six, Juho stayed on the musical track throughout school, mandatory military service (where he served in marching band), and into a music college. Despite starting on keys, Juho’s main instrument grew to be electric bass. And, in probably the best possible outcome for any music student, Juho became unable to finish his music studies thanks to a breakthrough with his then-band, PMMP. The band grew into a phenomenon in Finland, selling more than 400,000 records – no small feat for a band performing in Finnish to a country of only five million people.

Alongside PMMP, Juho has toured internationally with My First Band and currently plays electric bass with Jenni Vartiainen – Finland’s most successful female artist of all time. On top of all that, Juho co-owns a recording studio too – which is where he wrote and recorded Glow Sticks. Best categorized as urban/alt-pop/electro, this album is dark and captivating, soft and nostalgic, and somehow moody and energetic all at the same time – certainly as spectacular as a debut solo record could ever hope to be. Mixing the electronic and the organic, Juho’s musical proficiency absolutely oozes through – every sound and feeling carefully measured, selected, and tied together in perfect equilibrium. ”I hope that the listener can surrender to the soft flow of the music and feel calm and thrilled at the same time.”

Inspired by nighttime drives under neon lights and the music of Daft Punk and Kraftwerk, Glow Sticks is (fittingly) best listened to at night. Juho is fortunate enough to have had complete creative freedom with Helsinski, without the necessity for the pursuit of commercial success. But, oftentimes, the thing you aren’t looking for comes and finds you. The first single, ‘No Voice to Shout’, was released in February and the second single ‘Glow Sticks’ followed by the rest of the debut album now in May.

Glow Sticks -album wav-files: https://bit.ly/2GE1E6Y

Promo pics: https://bit.ly/2Rt0ZY4

Album cover: https://bit.ly/2W1n6s0




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